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Digital Tutors Introduction to Modeling in XSI

 Digital Tutors Introduction to Modeling in XSI

Производитель: Digital Tutors
Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: английский
Описание: Software: XSI 4 or higher (XSI 6.5 required for project files)
Run Time: 4 hrs. 25 min., 2 discs
Format: CD-ROM

Программа курса:
1. Overview of polygon mesh geometry in XSI 8:32
2. Overview of surface mesh geometry 5:28
3. Adding rotoscopes to the XSI viewports 3:54
4. Creating and optimizing polygon geometry 7:43
5. Adding detail to geometry with the bevel tool 7:48
6. Using the add edge tool to split polygon components 7:30
7. Extruding polygons to create a serrated saw blade 8:00
8. Using lattices to quickly re-shape geometry 8:08
9. Using the knife tool to split polygons quickly 8:47
10. Building a Phillips-head screwdriver with the revolve function 16:47
11. Duplicating and re-purposing geometry for efficient modeling 12:22
12. Utilizing scene layers to keep your scene organized 8:49
13. Using the four sided command to create a knife blade 8:49
14. Bridging and welding polygon edges 12:45
15. Trimming and lofting geometry to create the knife's keychain connector 14:29
16. Extruding geometry along curves to create a corkscrew 14:02
17. Using edge creasing to quickly create sharp edges 12:50
18. Working with curves to create the magnifying glass casing 8:32
19. Using the add/edit polygon tool to create new geometry 7:28
20. Utilizing several tools and techniques to create the can opener 12:34
21. Additional techniques for re-purposing geometry (part 1) 7:24
22. Additional techniques for re-purposing geometry (part 2) 15:37
23. Extruding the thumbnail indentions into the various blades 5:08
24. Parenting objects and cleaning up your scene 9:58
25. Adjusting geometry on various layers to assemble final knife 6:21
26. Utilizing deformers as a modeling aid 9:57
27. Extruding multiple components to create the keychain loop 10:22
28. Bonus Lesson: Using custom shelves and toolbars to store commonly used tools 4:35
Total Run Time: 4:24:39
Видео кодек: QuickTime
Видео: 788 x 648, FPS-15.00
Аудио: Mono 22 050 kHz

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