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Subnetting Secrets

Производитель: Reality Press Ltd
Год выпуска: 2005
Язык: Английский
* Introduction
o How to use this Site
* System Requirements and Downloads
o Download Internet Explorer or Windows Media Player
* The LearntoSubnet™.com Lecture Series
1. Binary Math
o Binary Math: The Foundation of IP Addressing (7 minutes)
o Binary Math Practice Problems
o Summary -- Binary Math (4 minutes)
2. IP Addressing
o IP Addressing Section Helper (Some versions of IE 5.0 may not display this properly)
o IP Addressing Introduction (9 minutes)
o IP Addressing (27 minutes)
o View and Print Practice Problems
o Answers to Practice Problems
o Summary -- IP Addressing (13 minutes)
3. Default Subnet Masks
* Default Subnet Masks (4 minutes)
4. The Address Resolution Protocol
* The Address Resolution Protocol (13 minutes)
5. Subnetting and Creating Custom Subnet Masks
* Subnetting Section Helper (Some versions of IE 5.0 may not display this properly)
* Introduction: Why Create Custom Subnet Masks? (9 minutes)
* What are Subnet IDs? (5 minutes)
* View and Print Practice Problems
* Answers to Practice Problems
* Step 1. Designing the Physical Network (3 minutes)
* Step 2. Determining the Subnet Mask (25 minutes)
* Step 3. Determining the Subnet IDs (18 minutes)
* Step 4. Determining the Host IDs (18 minutes)
* Summary -- Subnetting and Custom Subnet Masks (25 minutes)
* Special Topics in Subnetting (Included Only on the CD ROM Version)
o Classless Numbering and CIDR (Classless Interdomain Routing)
Sometimes called Supernetting, this CIDR session first talks about the difference between Classless and Classfull naming (addressing). Then using an detailed Internet example it explains how CIDR meets two key issues of the Internet: IP address exhaustion and proliferation of Internet routes. There is no presentation like this anywhere! (26 minutes)
o Subnetting More Than One Octet
Take a look at how you can use more than 8-bits when creating Subnet-IDs. (9 minutes)
o Class C Addressing
See how to determine the number of subnets and hosts when subnetting Class C addresses. Then see how to determine the correct Host-IDs for each subnet. (17 minutes)
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Аудио: PCM 22050Hz mono 352Kbps [Audio 1]

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