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Total Training for Microsoft Access 2007 Essentials

Производитель: Total Training
Год выпуска: 2007
Язык: английский
Ссылка на официальную веб-страницу: http://www.totaltraining.com/prod/microsoft/access2007_ess.asp
Автор: Jeff Conrad
Продолжительность: 6.6 hours
Файлы проэктов: в раздаче
Уровень: Beginner to Intermediate
Видео кодек: QuickTime
Разрешение: 960x540
Описание: Explore the endless capabilities of Access 2007. These lessons, hosted by Jeff Conrad begin with a solid introduction of Access and cover topics such as defining a database, knowing when to use Access, working with database objects, and converting older databases. Once you're up to speed on the intricacies of Access, Jeff walks you through step-by-step procedures on how to construct your table structures, create and adapt meaningful data entry forms, as well as share tracked information with others through reports.

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