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Digital Tutors - Animation Layers in Maya

 Производитель: Digital Tutors
Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: английский
Описание: Learn a powerful workflow to the new animation layering feature set in Maya 2009. Gain more flexibility and learn nondestructive techniques that can be used to create and edit any animation. Contains 2 hours of project-based training.
Popular highlights include:
* Overview of Animation Layers
* Animating on Layers
* Practical Layering Workflows
* Importing and Exporting Animation Layers
* Working with Layer Modes
* Merging Layers
* Baking Layers
* Using Expressions with Layers
* Controlling a Layer's Weight
* Filtering Layered Keyframes
* Understanding Animation Layer Hierarchies
* Examining the Animation Layer Node
* Utilizing Animation Layers as Takes
* Adjusting the Animation Layer Editor's Layout
* Packaging Layers into Containers
* Working with Layers and Trax Editor
* Ghosting Animation Layers
* Template F-curves of Layered Animation
* Animation Layer States
* Using Constraints with Layers
* Parenting layers
* Using the Animation Layer Toolbar and Pane
* Copying Layers
* Extracting Animation into New Layers
* Adding and Removing Objects and Attributes in Layers
Видео кодек: QuickTime
Видео: SVQ3 788x648 15fps
Аудио: mp3 mono 48kbps 22050Hz

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