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Digital Tutors mental ray Workflows in Maya Subsurface Scattering

 Производитель: Digital Tutors
Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: английский
Видео кодек: QuickTime
Видео: 788 x 648, FPS-15.00.
Аудио: Mono 22 050 kHz
Software: Maya 8 and up (Maya 2008 required for project files)
Описание на английском
Gain a deeper understanding of Subsurface Scattering, how to accurately simulate light behavior, and learn a time-saving approach to lighting and rendering translucent surfaces with mental ray. Provides over 3 hours of project-driven training for artists learning how to achive more realistic results with Subsurface Scattering.
Содержание курса - Total Run Time: 3:10:27

1. Connecting lightmap nodes into SSS shaders 9:09
2. Exploring SSS diffuse lighting attributes 3:17
3. Understanding properties of forward light scattering 10:46
4. Using back light scattering and proper light placement 11:04
5. Fine-tuning front scatter, back scatter and diffuse shading results 9:58
6. Adjusting SSS algorithm control 6:45
7. Modifying Diffuse Gamma Curve and Scatter Bias 5:45
8. Connecting bump maps to various SSS shaders 4:51
9. Setting up lights and shaders for glacier lighting scenario 12:28
10. Making initial adjustments to glacier SSS shader 5:57
11. Using textures to control scatter weight 5:35
12. Using normal maps together with SSS shaders 9:30
13. Using the fast skin shader to mimic realistic skin 9:58
14. Utilizing textures to add greater realism to the skin shader 9:25
15. Using components of different SSS shaders together 7:13
16. Tuning back scatter, forward scatter and diffuse attributes 7:42
17. Adding soft reflectivity to SSS shaders 3:19
18. Adding final gather and refining render quality 7:25
19. Unique characteristics of the Physical SSS shader 8:20
20. Controlling photon interactions with Physical SSS shader 7:41
21. Achieving accurate scattering results with Physical SSS 6:45
22. Adding final adjustments to Physical SSS shader 6:47
23. Bonus lesson: Fixing SSS bump glitch in Maya 2008 7:10
24. Bonus lesson: Repairing fast skin shader glitch in Maya 2008 6:47

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