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Digital Tutors Introduction to Modeling in 3ds Max

 Производитель: digitaltutors
Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: английский
Описание: picLearn a fundamental workflow to Polygon, NURBS, and Splined-based modeling and time-saving techniques to creatively utilizing the robust tools available in 3ds Max. Contains nearly 4 hours of self-paced training for artists new to modeling in 3ds Max and experienced artists seeking a refresher.
Видео кодек: QuickTime
Видео: 788 x 648
Продолжительность: 3:53:56
Popular highlights include:
NURBS Workflow
Polygon Workflow
Splines and Patches Workflow
Scene Organization with Layers
Smoothing Methods
Working with Sub-objects
Sub-object Selection Methods
Adding Viewport Background Images
Scale Deformation
Cloning Geometry and Shapes
Mirroring Geometry
Sweep Modifier
Shell Modifier
Symmetry Modifier
Surface Modifier
FFD Modifiers
Lathe Modifier
Modifier Stack
Moving Pivot Points
Transforming Geometry and Shapes
Modifying Creation Parameters
Creating Booleans
Attaching and Detaching Objects
Welding Vertices
Rendering and Viewing Curves
HSDS Modifier for Subdivision Surfaces
Lesson Outline:
1. Working with polygons 7:15
2. Working with NURBS 5:28
3. Working with smoothing and subdivision surfaces 6:22
4. Working with splines and patches 7:02
5. Project overview and interface setup 3:12
6. Adding viewport background images 3:08
7. Setting up a layer scale template 3:47
8. Building pivot geometry with primitives 6:28
9. Adding resolution to the pivot 6:04
10. Building a full section from the pivot geometry 10:50
11. Creating caps from the full section 7:38
12. Modeling the saw 8:50
13. Building the screwdriver 8:16
14. Finishing the saw layer 13:35
15. Modeling the magnifying glass 12:33
16. Building the small knife 7:45
17. Finishing the magnifying glass layer 5:54
18. Modeling the bottle opener 9:24
19. Finishing the bottle opener layer 9:32
20. Building the corkscrew 13:56
21. Starting the scissors 10:28
22. Finishing the scissors layer 8:22
23. Creating the large knife blade 9:29
24. Adding an indentation and hilt to the large blade 6:35
25. Finishing the large knife blade layer 13:27
26. Assembling the parts of the knife 8:43
27. Building the chain connector 4:54
28. Modeling the chain 7:42
29. Adding the key ring 4:32

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